9-part2-intelligence - Intelligence. Standardization,...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Intelligence. Standardization, standardization is the process of establishing rules for administering a test, and for interpreting the scores. An important step in standardizing a test is determing the norms, norms are descriptions of how frequently various scores occur. Standardization must be based upon a large and represenative population, it must be very similar to the population that will be tested. Most standardization occurs in the form of a bell curve. A bell curve is a graph of test scores where the majority bulks in the middle and slopes off to the lowest and highest possible scores. Restandardization, and, the Flynn Effect. Every test requires some kind of periodic recalculation of norms and revision of items. The periodic restandardization of IQ tests has revealed an interesting trend, called, the Flynn Effect. This effect has been shown to happen on a global basis. Flynn effect, is, the rise of average IQ test scores over time. The argument behind the flynn effect is, although IQ scores are going up, does it mean that intelligence is actually going up? Possible explanations towards the cause of the, flynn effect, include. Improved test-taking skills, better education, improved health and nutrition, increased opportunity for visual-spatial stimulation, which is, a more complicated way of saying, more time for TV and video games. But it must be noted, the rise in IQ may not mean a direct rise in intelligence. This brings the reliability of tests into question.
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9-part2-intelligence - Intelligence. Standardization,...

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