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Examination I VPHY 3100 Elements of Physiology September 13, 2004 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. Multiple Choice (2.5 points each) CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 1. When utilizing the scientific method to test a hypothesis in physiology, the group that is subject to the testing conditions is A. the control group. B. the measurement group. C. *the experimental group. D. the placebo group. 2. A decrease in body temperature is detected by A. *a sensor. B. an effector. C. an integrating center. D. a chemical messenger. 3. Positive feedback mechanism is not involved in the regulation of: A. Effect of pepsin on the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin. B. Effect of oxytocin on uterine contraction during parturition. C. Activation of clotting factors during blood clotting. D. *Effect of plasma osmolality on secretion of ADH. 4. Tissue that provide barrier between external and internal environment is the: A. Connective tissue B. *Epithelial tissue. C. Muscle tissue. D. Adipose tissue. 5. Which of the following substances is amphipathic? A. Triglycerides. B. Steroids. C. Cholesterol. D. *Phospholipids. 6. Most of the body water is present: A. *within the cells as intracellular fluid. B. in the interstitium as tissue fluid. C. within the blood vessels as blood plasma. D. within the lumen of intestine as luminal fluid. 1
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7. Which of the following substances is NOT a major component of the extracellular matrix? A. Collagen fibers. B. Elastin fibers. C. *Nerve fibers. D. Gel-like ground substance. 8. Proteins that extend from the cytoskeleton within the cell, through the plasma membrane, and into the extracellular matrix are: A. lysosomal proteins. B. *integrin proteins. C. metallo proteins. D. receptor proteins. 9. Which of the following statements about osmosis and diffusion is NOT true? A. *Osmosis is the net diffusion of a solution. B. The rate of diffusion increases as the concentration gradient increases. C.
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vphy - old test 1 - Examination I VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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