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Morris William Morris Professor Marylou Fusco College Composition 1002 March 31, 2008 Michael vs. Michael The world of sports has created numerous heroes and heroines, icons and legends that have transcended through generations. The influence of icons Michael Jordan and Michael Vick has changed the way we view black athletes, and have made a mark on the culture and sports world. Now although these icons possess some very distinguishable similarities, the imprint that both Michael Jordan and Michael Vick have made on the sports world and society are renowned for two very different reasons. Today, the world we live in is ever changing. Society today is constantly surrounded by technological and medical advances, as well as modernized view of societal “norms”. We now expect athletes and role models to jump higher and faster and achieve ridiculous expectations. However now, athletes are becoming more than just athletes. They are thought of as celebrities. Now, just playing the sports isn’t enough. The athletes now have to present themselves with a certain style on and off the court. Expectations have amassed for the athlete to become an icon in a way that it wasn’t like decades ago. “It’s drama, its personalities and worldwide appeal mean sport is the new Hollywood” (Bell and Campbell, 1999, p. 22). We as a nation expect so much more of athletes and have a strong effect on the lives of American citizens. Now you look at society today and it is dominated by sports. Athletes have an enormous influence on the 1
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Morris world today because of their immerging role in the media. “Discrepancy in the actual use of athlete endorsers in advertising may be due to the greater prevalence of athletes appearing in other media forms.” (Jones and Schumann p.126) In part, Michael Jordan’s fame can be attributed to his willingness to succeed. “Cut from the varsity team as a sophomore. Instead of giving up after failing to make the team, Jordan used it to spur himself to greater achievements, practicing hour after hour on the court. "Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I'd close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it," Jordan said, "and that usually got me going again." He eventually made the team and led it to the state championship.” (Air Jordan). From there, while living in Wilmington, North Carolina,
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Michael - Morris William Morris Professor Marylou Fusco...

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