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Morris William Morris Law 1001 - Professor Hodge Due: October 23, 2007 Second Amendment – Bearing Arms The Second Amendment is one of the most controversial amendments to Constitution. One must fully understand how the amendment started, the changes made to it, and the only case that was a true challenge to it for one to gain full knowledge and appreciate the Second Amendment. A decade after the United States claimed freedom and signed the Declaration of Independence, a rebellion in Massachusetts led to an appraisal of the country’s military. The failure of the United States military was seen as a flaw to the nation. In 1987, the Philadelphia Convention was held to deal with this and other weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The delegates were split into two groups: the Federalists and the anti-Federalists. The Federalists were in favor of ratifying the Constitution, thinking that it would strengthen the Government in its changes, and the anti-federalists opposed it; in fear of having a military ran by civilians overtake the government. The ratification came down to the state of Virginia. Split in half by Federalists and anti-federalists, Virginia was the deciding factor of whether or not to ratify the Constitution. The anti-federalists fought for the non-ratification mainly because they wanted to control the slaves. Although strongly opposed by George Mason and the anti-federalists, James Madison and the Federalists succeeded. As a compromise the Bill of Rights was added. The compromise consisted, in part, of the regulations of a standing army, and a bearing of arms. 1
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Constitution Paper - Morris 1 William Morris Law 1001 -...

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