notes 3-26 - Factors that lead to Crowding: -Surveillance:...

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Factors that lead to Crowding: - Surveillance : the feeling that you are always being watched. In dense places where there are lots of people, surveillance is a probability (people probably are watching you). But some people feel like people are watching them in not so dense places. - Behavioral Constraint : the feeling that you cannot come and go as you please. The epitome of this would be in a jail cell. However, this could also take place while being at a crowded baseball game or a full airplane. - Stimulus Overload : there is lots of noise, lots of sound, lots of light… think of New York City or Las Vegas. There is so much stuff (stimulus) going on around you that it creates in us a sense of crowding. Not necessarily people, just too much going on around you. *When people feel crowded, we tend to act in an anti-social manner. Sometimes this demonstrates itself by snapping or yelling at other people (outward, aggressive) but other times people turn inward as a defense mechanism to create a bubble or shield around you. Haptics ( Study of Touch ) *Meloche believes this is the most powerful perhaps because it is so primal for us. Before speech and everything else, we always had touch. -Touch
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notes 3-26 - Factors that lead to Crowding: -Surveillance:...

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