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Notes 3-31-08 Environment -Knapp’s Six Environmental Characteristics: 1. Warmth- has nothing to do with temperature. Knapp’s idea of warmth was an environment is warm if it encourages interaction. The more interaction it encourages, the warmer the environment. People usually situate furniture so the environment is warmer. This classroom has seats that are bolted down and all face forward, which is not warm because it discourages interaction among students. The idea of warmth brings about changes in architecture. Ex: Pre-WWII homes have really small kitchens because the kitchen was seen as a utilitarian space- where food is prepared (often by domestic help) but not consumed. The food was consumed in the dining room which was larger. There has always been a clear relationships between the consumption of food and conversation. However, now there is has been a shift and a stronger connection between the preparation of food and communication which is why our kitchens today are larger and often have an island with stools. Kitchens are now a warmer place. Another example of places being warmer,
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notes 3-31 - Notes 3-31-08 Environment -Knapp's Six...

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