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Justin Ickes ISS 225 10/23/2007 A Question to Mothers The most important figure in our lives from the time before we are born up until we are independent is our mother. They carried us with them everywhere, fed us, took care of us when we were scared, answered all of our questions, helped us with school, and above all always loved us. Being a Mom is a joy that any woman would never give away, but unfortunately many people don’t know the strain that many women have to go through when deciding to have kids. Children need a lot of attention and love, especially from their mothers. According to Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development, the mother has an important role in the life of her child from the beginning through the end of the Latency Stage. One of these struggles that a woman must face is whether they want to continue their career after they have kids or not. With as important of a role as a mother can women really stand to leave their kids at home all day while they go off to work? There are two arguments relating to this issue that need to be understood. The first argument says that it is a mother’s duty to stay home and be with their kids. The authors of this argument inform readers the importance of staying with the kids because of the stages of development that require a Mother. They believe that due to the economy and the recent commitment that the work force requires, moms choose to stay at home with
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the family rather than continuing their careers. Many fear that working part time and
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ISS 225 paper 1 - Justin Ickes ISS 225 10/23/2007 A...

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