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Ickes 1 Justin Ickes 11/26/2007 Dr. Charles Matzke ISS 225 Section 004 Homosexual Marriage? Or, Ho-NOsexual Marriage? “Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. “(Boethius, ) Love is one of the best and most real feelings that human beings can ever experience throughout the progression of a lifetime. The thoughts and actions that we live through while we are in love feel spontaneous, and perfect; we might find ourselves acting crazy at times, but the love that we feel overcomes all feelings of anxiety, pain, and useless worrying. The protection and peace of mind that love provides make it the most true of any human emotion. Many people live by a common cliché that says that “love has no boundaries,” but can this statement be true for everyone? A current topic that is getting a lot of coverage and that is found on the agenda day by day is the controversy of same sex marriage. Both sides of the debate are determined to get their point across to the American public, but what reasons are fueling their protests, and which choice would be better for the lives of Americans now and in the future? To begin, it is essential to survey both sides of the argument, and take note of the main points that they stress. Those who are in favor of making same sex marriage legal believe that homosexuals are being discriminated against; that they are separate and unequal. “At the state level, only Vermont offers civil unions, which provide important benefits but no federal protections, such as Social Security survivor benefits. There is also no guarantee that civil unions will be recognized outside of Vermont.”(Human Rights
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Ickes 2 Campaign, 105) Supporters state that these civil unions do not provide the same benefits as those seen in the marriage of a man and a woman. Examples of these benefits include:
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ISS Paper 2 - Ickes 1 Justin Ickes 11/26/2007 Dr. Charles...

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