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WRA 135 Advocacy essay - Ickes 1 Justin Ickes WRA 135 Dr...

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Ickes 1 Justin Ickes 3/11/2008 WRA 135 Dr. Barton The Students of America vs. Current Teaching Trends Order, order; court is now in session. Today’s case involving the American youth vs. American teaching standards is now called to order. I would like to begin trial by asking the students of the American educational system if they are pleased with the material that they are taught, and the manner of which it is presented? We are made to believe from a very young age life operates in the same format as a multiple choice test. Despite multiple options there is always one correct answer to a solution; the correct answer is always the values and norms have been driven into us from a young age. We are raised to worship and accept our education for what it is rather than to question whether or not it is working to the best of its capabilities. When students are forced to learn a subject because they have to rather than learning something because they want to the destructive results are critical. Grades plummet, interest dwindles, and their inspiration to learn something to better themselves fades away. Students mainly educate themselves with the intention of passing a test rather than with the visions of how the education that they are obtaining will impact their futures. Ladies and gentlemen of the American public, I am not telling you that kids shouldn’t learn the basic fundamentals of a well rounded education. But I am proposing that the system that students acquire their education be modified in a way that will allow for happy students who are interested in
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Ickes 2 what they are being taught; interested for the purpose of using their knowledge throughout their lives, not just to the point of passing a test. Students should be able to have choices when signing up for their Literature class. They should be able to gain the same knowledge by taking a British literature course as they would by taking any other literature class. The only way that I can see fit to get this result is by enabling an elective curriculum. By creating an elective curriculum students would be more inspired to
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WRA 135 Advocacy essay - Ickes 1 Justin Ickes WRA 135 Dr...

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