WRA test one - Justin Ickes WRA 135 2/17/2008 T 1. 1. When...

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Justin Ickes WRA 135 2/17/2008 T 1. 1. When the authors of The Fox in the Henhouse describe a relationship between corporations and universities, they use a term called “Privatizing Knowledge” meaning the ownership of knowledge. But who owns this knowledge? It’s not us the students, or at least not in the areas that matter the most. Sure, we are in charge of our brains; we alone are in charge of determining what we choose to learn or ignore, how much effort that we are willing to put forward toward learning, and how well we learn it, but we are not in charge of determining what is taught to us or who teaches is to us. On page 22 Kahn and Minnich say that due to budget cuts that the government makes, public schools suffer. What’s sad is that a lot of the money that tax payers invest in seeing a better society is going into the pockets of corporate tycoons; directly as well as indirectly. The money that should be going to the youth to raise a more educated and informed generation is hard at work making the rich richer and denying a younger population the opportunity to advance and perform at their best level. Money for books, dedicated/educated professors, and new technology/facilities is given to people who are greedy and willing to abuse public privileges that should be offered for the advancement of all people. So the next question is, what happens when the schools run low on funding? This is like a touchdown pass for these corporations. This is where we get charter schools from. The market system cannot be involved with the school system. Professor David L. Kirp believes that the very idea of giving control of education to profit-making corporations isn’t
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right. He says that universities should be treated as a “community of scholars” rather than a “confederacy of self-seekers.” Students should be more concerned with how to better the community and the world, rather then how to fulfill their personal pleasures, and make themselves look better in comparison to their peers. By privatizing universities and giving away the right to a more stable education system to private interests, students are being silenced because they have no choice. As Henry Giroux says we are being silenced. Taught that what we have is the way that life has to be, taught that paying a higher tuition every year is just the way that college is. We are made to feel that there is nothing that we can do about it, and made to feel that society has given up on us, and left us here to accept higher education for what it is; a piece of paper that says we are qualified to work some job rather than the process of gaining knowledge and skills to perform a job that we love, and are passionate for. 2.
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WRA test one - Justin Ickes WRA 135 2/17/2008 T 1. 1. When...

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