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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY College of Engineering Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Problem Set # 2 Due Tuesday, February 7, 2005. EE 105 Spring 2006 1. Suppose you are asked to design a 25fF capacitor in an IC process that gives you the option of using either SiO 2 ( ε ox = 3.45x10 -13 F/cm) or Si 3 N 4 ( ε n = 8.63x10 -13 F/cm) between two metal plates with thickness 25nm. a. Determine the area that would be required for each option. b. Find the amount of charge that would be stored on the positive place when 2.5V are stored on the capacitor. 2. The minority hole concentration gradient across a 2.5 μ m wide silicon region is given
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Unformatted text preview: as p ( x ) = (1 x 10 18 cm " 4 )(2.5 m " x ) , where x is the coordinate in the direction of the concentration gradient. The donor concentration in the region is N d = 5x10 17 cm-3 . a. Find the hole diffusion current density in the region. b. Plot the electrostatic potential along the region. 3. Consider a pn junction, with p-side doping of N a = 10 15 cm-3 and n-side doping of N d = 5x10 16 cm-3 . a. Determine the built-in voltage b for this junction. b. Plot the potential across the junction. c. Determine the widths of the depletion region on each side of this junction....
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