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homework6 - expected to know and be able to make use of all...

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PHYSICS 112, Sec. 2 S. G. LOUIE FALL 2006 Problem Set #6 Due: Fri., 10/20/06 Second Midterm Exam : The second midterm exam is on Thursday, October 26, 8:10-9:30 am in class. The exam is closed book and will cover Chapters 1–6 and the part of Chapter 7 up through page 188 of Kittel and Kroemer and all lecture material. The emphasis of the exam will be on the new material since the last midterm (Chapter 4 and onward). However, you are
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Unformatted text preview: expected to know and be able to make use of all material covered in the first midterm exam. You may bring in one sheet of notes (both sides) for use during the exam. (20) 1. Problem 6.3, p. 177 of K&K. (20) 2. Problem 6.4, p. 177 of K&K. (20) 3. Problem 6.6, p. 178 of K&K. (20) 4. Problem 6.7, p. 178 of K&K. (20) 5. Problem 6.9, p. 179 of K&K. (20) 6. Problem 6.14, p. 180 of K&K....
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