HW1Solutions - Ll -T Ol -TV-o-c 6-*:."r\te-\ \"a-...

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Ll -T \"a- -TV-o-c i.,'-",.-1 1= hy'iic-S- : H U- -t* L 6-*:."r\te-\ L',.^,. . | 1L.-e!,.". LCuf \ '\s cL v\ic-*- L-l,cf.-l ,J Ol .*q-tc*-{ .,,,,11 c.L -tct*t): \i'a,11 #+a-vis\t pg 4,.\ L-i\ r-r"uuag\e--1 r") Cu,,,. .{ i a,o-r- N" *J X?txlJr J. "_u it t, tt!-t = [[\ ,l V: \----J Wkto- *- , , \orr\c{-tn; r\s"; L)(z/-1 do\€-spt)r'-d th V\ € [ -n -"-l' i t- *-L'.tg q\ s*95.*+ -e*1 Ls,'."-f. . .,U*L / \v/ \'txrtr a {f'' I Y'b -:_) ?rr\ \n*u*r. -= I ry-v \ z-) Z\*,?Lr)=1, -=\ ?tn): 2n {x;): "(i*u \ I r) p-b (i+ r.1 ) K \r 'L-v (tl+b)'- (t-v,f *f U.L crv e-t.<r1 €- i5 { x'f -ficrrt- tLlS a 9* c\i 6,.". \er r .,r, .( Q.-1 e.r 5-e-rn k {'Gvt<-\ Cu.r ,"tc.-i \ c'-\\ e9 b\ i..'. &e-1.=,,1d' *'. \ {C*o^,t f \€a L-cLtrLq- ai 1"[,* 9"-,-;-r C,t- $ 1.,\;. .!r.;litc;11 +c *L",:_ LF '{t"*\ d\+ }u .r.r*tr] =,x, X; t;"r ',NJ. d*=o v r.i'|*5\e-1 PT
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C*-<--r*1e- [. .",1\u ;+- b) *T\'-*e- cl-+<- t .^: c L}-r- 't--1 " e u' } cF i t'r'- c*t- { .&h--f ,3"-. erz.u\ *{f 'T \ -- t\''"\t Pe-t\ "\ {o yrc,\\e ;'t - U "*\ u i\'^o. ;",1 t\"r- "i 1 "i"e- t nt \> (*c e'r t 6s-w1:'u.->, Go\a*;*=\-. ..')d']'*T 5\ur-''' \-'':" eic-&'.L, Looo .r*(ft\c5 t* tt*' &l:\"'ro-t-\"r'r sr {\-,-- ht\ L ad\a of $r'L\ q S^Lcz5 qFe'-'l'\t't t{-" /. tLi- e* L"l r [ . .^-lf +r, \^-a- u'-:?^r-qi e -vr-( u tlt / '! t'r\' .*it i!35 J r<, alad w<-tt \ \cz-\ g .'-b('ti*l' ttq tue- 9<s-a' r C- Lr"s-' Fa I o i1:' \r .r\t-.-.! c.;- d- \c- - ; g1!\-*. ', 9 '\\;c- 49 .**'. .l1-<'-"-c-c\ i<-'t 1\^{- L) [7-a-rit-*ru1CL f = tV"o(xt\, C,^c* (-,-\.*. .-^. L':q* I i \ -. .. i\ r . 'J -i. . ., \- U i tt *rr -r v\ 3d.*- \)cr,r $.-rb {e,s- 'i"u*Jco-x{o.rt\-
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course PHYSICS 112 taught by Professor Steveng.louie during the Fall '06 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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HW1Solutions - Ll -T Ol -TV-o-c 6-*:.&quot;r\te-\ \&quot;a-...

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