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11 '-r-L-- w,^-^r* b<r *\o (\*c Hw -f\^<-cPra-\ 7\.-n,c k {-b{t oF t\-o Sorn 5 oro&a- a \-9e- t1,. ./t ee sq ?hvs\cb 1l U \\ w+i or'. *e-l\: \,-n- 'o-"'t\n ( a < = ZL_ lr:O r-r-S +t^4- q_Vqs€-tr<* ,n.-pt-e--' b..^",,. ..n^ t :11_ Pl & tao ;J 2E (5n) ; LL tr:O f\tg h u ?ot*ti;'6Lto'a€' A ffr. { iar*O X 5.*.1^ t gh*t^/"Z - t -^*tu-"*t +-o n[ Y , ,^-". ..4 q r\\ dn h"rrc */,-a e_ -( t,-?x trr<- Jo"t= \ \ *-{eq c*.-\ ? i= ds dnx d^& dn t <n-(t "\ G*1\!,^a) e.,3 lt OtY +5 Eo\o-r t \€F LI iL t\^.)s ao Clr \\ JJ] 0 E x \e .,. .&i. ....-1 tLL- e,-L4 b..{ o*t r: d\*q \1.0d c-ooe$^^-RSZ L-* N"T5 L: 1a \3 1it tlc- / = q1t!: =) (\; LZ &'. .* +3 d,4 lrq-< \\^q-u\- +u. tc-\"" Fr^.nc-d.q,^ \ > N v tr l tt'\5 k.rrc- ) {r,.^ -{lou1 \.r.pr-ar .\ c4 tl Y, 6,- 5 p- - I <[ F.* ^ c- t.t <s( \ 5\q- l*s t. cr" rt4- cVc- .n ur c-5 2o x" dY o e:'t ,/ &ir-.-."^t^^ Lett' {"^^c\lorn ,' F / a\ ( r- ) !g v (ftt Tt- \- t --)(tt Q-i*^- a\tr c e r c.-\\^l(.t1- s -f[- Rl.*t cav\r^ tet-c( -tL^.-*t C9tu\4-5 tlf ca- c-.-.- \ o-\\ eu-l . r lt \c-e p'^t^et"\ \J \Y\ '\JU L :: c.-\c 1\<41-"'^'
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i s * * , "6 i.^ !. y *a *6 t-: ,B I b..*1 -tk^-*^^-- dt. .,. N^-^- c'.1 F).- c,-b di s<- w-66aL iw i- 9 p-\-c-c/'-,^-* -tF *\^-- T,-o L (i*1 . 4L_ t^-c a-{ g".+-\L-bw*- &i>tq\,\c{- t. } tL *, Pl+te \ -f t"- ce- bY .1 U C*f,"-S tk- s'*"^'L?toi" ? ril^"- rc,{-},. .-5 I {!r4 b o\ q-r c--s.,.SFq-^ q Lt S' c . D n1 r- ") Le-r rlr t'e.rrs.\ t6\ra-< bt +\^r-- e-c-l' -.i-L-.,.- 'fL- S.o ._r-i sv.* e c--r t\^- i 1 <-a-r t \^"r- aL tvjL- t se\eS cb\n'SF='^^-+ So ,/ = 5. Q-. fiq- t,c. ' \R b- . \>t , \Tr'( zt \() (.s 7/t (l,t L-.rc-s , \ --111 b) \ \^is t S srr. 5 +-.- |. \.-t gt_^sF /..-.^ -----------t _r- ( 2\ 6 \_-/ ttL S.*-,r- 5 ?o\-$a-f +\"'* U'"tl t\'--- D t\otl !fr-'(s.- fl o*.-r tLs+ u>e- X*s--re- q*e-t^-\i 'l-rg\-e-r e-),<- g e-t* JwL(-q-< q--e(-- i1 f,*r- -t[- f.-- d .,a.* e*e*-\ f \ 1.,. vre V"- €\^-or*)14. Ys\*<-<- i 3 ca-C--c.- a.r,,. .,6 5O r-.
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course PHYSICS 112 taught by Professor Steveng.louie during the Fall '06 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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HW4Solutions - Hws q-f\^<-cPra Pl?hvs\cb U 1 l 11\o-r-L-w,^-^r b

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