Midterm1Solutions - lto A I f \ec,r,. -r\^r- g. xc*,r.- Ft...

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lto A I f \ec,r,,. g. xc*,r. .- Ha-\ \.(oqqc,tsd Ft ud 1* *) -r\^r- $**{"-} c-t'\ \rq-\ &39r"r'-,.l 'g \''\ u'n E\ \\^otw-\ ?k)e\c-i S k-*.: t\^.^-t &()c ar c-\o:'d *'dt\"-'r"' o*-\\ &\\ o.-,ce- L fr. .xe"n \,s. .r 9\cx\ <-S a-ce' e6'tc-ttrX gsob'*b\g ' 5) -r\^4- {5.,\{?.r, q-",r {.. cf .<- ( '< oL s\"*\<- o\ Q-'t\4 T t €- ls o?-. -(*L.:s L*-c-\oc \s (.oeos\)o,r'o'\ Vo \\'^'- qro\.*b\\:\) o$ oQc-\e ),'^X t*''-)- s+'-{q- Qtelx u'tt' -(!^',5 \". .*o - \ 5 rtse-\w\ ' [* '- U o* c'8Q- cor'nli des t ^1 a- c-\o:e-d to!o\ nt6\<-ln Cons\5*t*) t\ a- fc-5<-uc,ir cr*A frnc-tt) 98'to* \'" lr\'^*crtnt*\ qoY\*q'c\' -T\-- (5r,.c-t{) 9,stas^ a-^d G-e->svo'c <-o-n exc-\*t^^Ja '"t*%} bo-\ nb\ r'Jo\tl'tvtQ- cs fo-*\ic-\c-S' ', d * o \'. \5 €\*{<-3 tl^"".t dr(*1,. JN ) L'^-.u^; Vro"r.- \"-* i^c\''de-A c-) T\*- *fot* o \y (\ cL+'rl c- (\ v dtt = -?AV't z a f.s ^.> r* 4-v1esei.1 . -(V-- (i.s\ \er^ tttre:e-^\S I'n'.cLt-^f cc'\ J6 t; o c \a {-.^.,e- Af tr--'- ') t \e- at :t F 3o n de' cc <-".': e- t \"4* >Xs\ol*'S uo\rr$,re- tOvto\ *\^4-\ Uo* c-$\ Ev\ srqo'-r"q\ oQ <.^e-s3> "c6,-x-'<-t *o -?dv= ifoul Co'"rr"t\"'3 ftil' -ci^*- se-co.n,{. {s. .* re-gtu-se-^!S '\eo.\ add.-r +no c\ s5s\s+r b3 -t"-" t*3 \+5 ec'\rof '& -f-U' $l^*\ J.Q- r n, u: \. .\ c-\ \^) e- " hJrc-n'i d\ sc-'o sse-- ) o+ ^tt J
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tO, ftn-e,{n({ \pr-"x' \-r. ..-\*\.ll he'-qtc-Se-q!S -{-t^&- F?' c\n-c-rn-{ €- i rr,. c\^. ..r,rl c-e-\ {-\\ -.J } tF d o* 66t\o'n^ rJ\c-,1 1o.^ a-Ad aC iqJ\ou'€-- to-t\\c'\es' {J d) \r* c-c*rr* *-\(rsxlr**\'<- u co\(eg\\on & \da."n\'ica.-\ gr^cr-,r\uo,r E*t\\c-\qra {t b" a- c-(q.ssicq-\ )de-c"-\ 3n' g, \r-r-tn a << f\q 5',- -t\^-i5 te-3\.,"^r- {f^,r-- (rc-ve\*rr.c*\\o.tS \\-r-- ? -. \ r<-\=: t o^ o-. .*(\ 1 \n o-- u E= c^c'-\\ ou*s \q,p o'* J \J e c-€L^ ^ J 1\ q- ct 3..*r'r\ qn e'Q\*_.-\g ' 21 ^) z: I1^,- €G--'\r\ie^ Qu-.rr<-\ts.r la 3"'re-* U?
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course PHYSICS 112 taught by Professor Steveng.louie during the Fall '06 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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Midterm1Solutions - lto A I f \ec,r,. -r\^r- g. xc*,r.- Ft...

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