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1 Logan Burkhart 11/15/07 Soil Science 121 Lab During our class walk of the beautiful Cal Poly campus, I learned tons of interesting facts of the soil and soil management. Our first stop, in the misted of the “Spider Building,” we observe a problem with the draining system. The puddle at the end of the lawn shows the amount of extra water not being soaked into the soil or not being drained. Also the abundant growth of the water loving plant equicedum is a sign of the over saturated soil . Then we learned the story and problem of building the faculty science building. It turns out that the science building was going to be built on half rock and half soil. This creates a problem of stability, so they excavated the rock out and replaced it with soil. Concrete high in lime, which is a base, will change the pH of the soil and kill plants and this is exactly what happened to the grass by the science building. While enjoying our time at the Fisher building, we learned that man made trails cause erosion in the soil. Turf
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