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Physics 118A PROBLEM SET #6 Assigned: Wed. . 2/20/08 Due Thur. 2/28/08 no later than 5:00 PM Solve all problems algebraically, and insert numerical values as the last step. Show all your work, and explain your reasoning. BOX YOUR FINAL ANSWERS. While we encourage free discussion of the homework, each assignment is to be completed individually. Copying will not be tolerated. 1. A particle with charge 5.20 nC is moving in a uniform magnetic field B = -(1.55 T) j . The magnetic force on the particle is F = -(3.80 x 10 -7 N) i + (6.50 x 10 -7 N) k . a) One component of the particle’s velocity v cannot be determined from the information given. Which component is that? Explain your answer. b) Calculate the other two components of the particle’s velocity. c) Calculate the dot product v_F . (Note, you can do this, even though you do not know one of the components of v . Why?) 2. An atom of 9 Be is ionized by removing one of its atomic electrons. The resulting ion is
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