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Physics 118A PROBLEM SET #7 Assigned: Wed. . 2/27/08 Due Thur. 3/6/08 no later than 5:00 PM Solve all problems algebraically, and insert numerical values as the last step. Show all your work, and explain your reasoning. BOX YOUR FINAL ANSWERS. While we encourage free discussion of the homework, each assignment is to be completed individually. Copying will not be tolerated. 1. Look at figure 28.46 on page 987. The current I is 5.00 A; the radius of the semicircle is 3.50 cm. Calculate the magnetic field B (magnitude and direction) at point P , the center of curvature of the semicircle a) due to the current in the semicircle. b) due to the current in the two straight sections. (Assume that the left straight section extends an infinite distance to the left, and the right straight section extends an infinite distance to the right.) 2. A long solid conducting wire of radius a carries current I , uniformly distributed over the cross section of the wire. The wire is surrounded by a concentric conducting tube of inner radius
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