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Physics 118A PROBLEM SET #4 Assigned: Wed. . 2/6/08 Due Thur. 2/14/08 no later than 5:00 PM Solve all problems algebraically, and insert numerical values as the last step. Show all your work, and explain your reasoning. BOX YOUR FINAL ANSWERS. While we encourage free discussion of the homework, each assignment is to be completed individually. Copying will not be tolerated. 1. A 1.00-m length of wire is made by welding together a 60-cm length of copper wire and a 40-cm length of aluminum wire. Both the copper and the aluminum have diameter 0.50 mm. (The wires are at room temperature; see table 25.1 for resistivity values of Cu and Al.) A potential difference of 6.00 V is maintained across the ends of the full 1-m wire. a) Calculate the current in the wire. b) Calculate the magnitude of the electric field in the copper. c) Calculate the potential difference between the ends of the aluminum section. 2. A cylindrical copper wire has one end held at ground potential (0V) and the other end held at
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