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Physics 118A PROBLEM SET #1 Assigned: Mon. . 1/14/08 Young & Freedman Chapter 21 Due Thur. 1/24/08 no later than 5:00 PM Solve all problems algebraically, and only insert numerical values as the last step if a numerical answer is required. Show all your work, and explain your reasoning. Full credit will only be awarded if the correct answer is accompanied by an algebraic solution and sound physical reasoning. While we encourage free discussion of the homework, each assignment is to be completed individually. Copying will not be tolerated. ________________________ | BOX FINAL ANSWERS | 1. A positive point charge +0.65 μ C exerts an upward force of 0.25 N on a point charge Q directly above it. The distance between the two charges is 0.35 m. a) What is the Q ? (You must give its magnitude and sign.) b) What are the magnitude and direction of the force exerted by Q on the first charge. 2. In the ground state of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the electron is in a
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