2008 Presidentail Election

2008 Presidentail Election - Chris Coggin November 14, 2007...

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Chris Coggin November 14, 2007 English 119 Section-1 Coggin 1 Internet and the 2008 Presidential Election As the 2008 Presidential Election draws closer, each of the candidates are looking for whatever competitive edge they can possibly find to help them win. This is something that has most certainly been going on in many elections before this one, but in the upcoming 2008 election, candidates are heavily utilizing the Internet in their campaigns efforts. In resent serves it’s been found that the Democratic Party has taken advantage in using the web. In comparison to the Republican Party who find the Internet to unmanaged, too non-right winged in the sense of there is not enough control. In fact republican parties have been for decade’s masters at managing campaigns in traditional means. For Republicans, Campaigns, institutions and journalism all powered with vary large amounts of capital. The Web has become a political band wagon that Democratic Parties have seem to get on much more quickly and willingly than their Republican counterparts. As the ending of the first two quarters of the 2007-year, Democrats raised almost
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2008 Presidentail Election - Chris Coggin November 14, 2007...

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