Brand New Analysis Paper#2

Brand New Analysis Paper#2 - Brand New Analysis Paper#2...

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Brand New Analysis Paper #2 Est e e Lauder By: Chris Coggin Bus 101 October 8, 2007
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Coggin 1 Even as a Child, Estee Lauder was a smart, energetic, enthusiastic, gifted salesperson. Her entire carrier was based on promoting and selling her superior cosmetic products. Coming up with Enervative new ways of helping her succeed was something she was good at; It was doe to her creative cunning thoughtfulness that many companies take part in free giveaways, advertising their companies, or new product; Estee knew the way a product is packaged determined weather customers would buy it or not, she packaged her product so it was appealing; she even changed her name, her real name was Josephine Esther Mentzer, she changed it to Estee Lauder doe to the fact that her old name wasn’t as appealing. With all that was happening with her carrier, Estee certainly did not get there without enduring some struggle throughout it. She was persistent in every sale she was involved with, and succeeded. She did what she had to do; she followed her market, learned it, found what they were looking for in a product and exceeded expectations. In 1879, for example the total value of cosmetics, toiletries, and perfumes made in the United States was about 3 million dollars. In the same year, the early food processing industry exceeded over 1 billion dollars in output (p. 146). Over time, cosmetic consumers started changing, and were getting to a point where to look and smell better was much more widely accepted. Retail sales of skin care products, make up, and fragrances reached 129 million dollars in 1920. Demographics changing in and around cities were one of the front-running reasons do to
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Brand New Analysis Paper#2 - Brand New Analysis Paper#2...

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