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Ignorance and Science: Robin Marantz Henig's “The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)” and David Quammen's “Darwin or Not” Human cloning: Is it too controversial to take seriously? What about stem cell research? At what point do we draw the line between controversy and science? In “The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)” and “Darwin or Not”, Robin Marantz Henig and David Quammen, respectively, inform readers about the dangers of being ignorant of the science behind their fields. Henig uses theories and deductive reasoning to show us why using race as a medical indicator is beneficial, not prejudicial. Quammen presents us with raw data and sets of experiments that expose creationism and solidify evolution as more of a fact than a theory. Ultimately, both essays encourage readers to make logical observations, not ignorant or biased ones, about controversial issues, because empty observations will only slow scientific progress, and ignoring the issue will not solve the problem. Throughout his essay, Henig uses examples of his disapproval of racial intolerance. He states, “Take a Tutsi and a Hutu and set them in Los Angeles, he says, and they're both the same race, both black. But put them in Rwanda, and they're two different races, different enough to slaughter each other” (84) and “How disturbing it was to see that the activities of the early eugenicists resembled, from a certain perspective, the activities of specimen collectors of the early days of zoology” (86). With the Los Angeles analogy, Henig points out how frivolous a concept racism has become. A person's identity should not change when they move amongst different places. He also frowns upon dehumanization, which was extremely prevalent in the early eugenics movement. Dehumanization is the epitome of racism. When people start to think that their race is the best,
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WRA_100_analysis - Ignorance and Science: Robin Marantz...

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