phl130 - Overall, "A step toward climate...

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Overall, “A step toward climate rationalism” by Rich Lowry was presented more clearly and validly than “Global warming: The conservatives' opportunity” by Cal Thomas. Lowry's paper is based more on fact than his personal opinion, while Thomas's paper is full of opinionated statements and logical fallacies. by Rich Lowry was clearly more well-presented than Cal Thomas's paper. His arguments are generally valid, and he uses very few fallacies. In his article, Lowry argues that instead of being “climate alarmists”, we should be climate “gradualists”. In other words, instead of us spending billions of dollars over the next decade to help curb global warming, we should focus on other issues which Lowry perceives as being more important. Lowry states, “The middle-range U.N. estimate is that by 2100, global temperature will go up by roughly 5 degrees Fahrenheit and sea levels will rise about a foot”. He consistently uses facts and logical observations to support his viewpoint throughout the
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phl130 - Overall, "A step toward climate...

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