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midterm study guide - their respective significance for the...

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Daniel Herbert Study Sheet for Midterm Exam SAC 272 –Winter 2008 Definitions: Define FIVE (5) of the following terms, briefly explaining their use in film theory. Keep in mind that definitions are often sharpened by distinguishing concepts from their opposites, by providing synonyms, and/or by offering brief examples. Film criticism (vs. film theory) Dialectical montage Elements of montage Continuity editing Historical spectator Avant-garde cinema of attractions Photogenie Intertitle Hieroglyph “Plastic Material” cult of distraction The complete film mise-en-scène Emotional Dynamisation parallelism Trick effects alienation Who said what? – Match EACH of the following statements to the person. Then explain
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Unformatted text preview: their respective significance for the particular theory to which they pertain. Branston Epstein Canudo Perez Eisenstein Munsterberg Panofsky Lindsay Pudovkin Arnheim Short Answers (2 paragraphs each): Answer TWO (2) of the following/ Pudovkin’s approach to film composition Melies and trick photography The types of conflict within and between shots Tom Gunning and the “historical spectator”? Short Essay (3-4 paragraphs). Answer ONE (1) of the following: Eisenstein’s approach to film composition. Arnheim and film’s defects Medium essentialism Formal textual analysis: Write a short essay (1-2 pages) on ONE (1) of the following: Ballet Mechanique Un Chien Andalou 1...
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  • Black-and-white films, Un Chien andalou, Branston Epstein Canudo Perez Eisenstein Munsterberg, Lindsay Pudovkin Arnheim

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