Guidance on Project_ - It is particularly the latter where you can help make an impact Here’s your chance to help future students by identifying

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GUIDANCE ON REPLACEMENT PROJECT #2 Expectations You will help redesign the content of a chapter of our textbook. Prof. Samson has been charged with the task of redesigning the textbook to better meet the needs of an class on Extreme Weather. You will receive a hard copy of the current draft and mark parts you think are not needed and identify sections where additional explanation is needed. Value Your grade on this assignment will replace a lower grade on either exam #1 or exam #2. The highest grade you can receive for this project is 85. Size Each participant will present their results to Prof. Samson and submit their marked-up chapter for review. Due Date Written reports will be due at the beginning of class, Monday, April 7 . Originality Your comments must be original work with all work performed by yourself . Where material is gleaned from other sources you must cite the original source. Project Specific Edit the Textbook Explanations in the textbook are intended to be clear, informative, and at a level appropriate for the reader.
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Unformatted text preview: It is particularly the latter where you can help make an impact. Here’s your chance to help future students by identifying places where the explanations seem too complicated. Rules 1. You must make your interest in participating in this project to Prof. Samson prior to class on March 24 . 2. You will be supplied a chapter by March 24. 3. You are to read the chapter carefully and mark it up where you think explanations are not clear. 4. You are to try to explain the most confusing concept in your own words . 5. You will meet with Prof. Samson for 15 minutes (or so) during the first week of April to point out your comments. 6. You will submit your written comments and suggested explanation by class time on April 7 . 7. Remember you’re working to replace an exam grade. The report should represent a similar level of effort....
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