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Sociology 368 Criminology Professor: Jeffrey Morenoff Winter, 2008 Second Paper Assignment Due Date : A hard copy will be due on Tuesday, April 15 in class. NOTE: We have dropped the requirement that you turn in a first draft of the paper for peer review. Instead, there will be only one deadline for a final draft. Topic and Guidelines : Much of the material we have read and discussed in the second part of the course (since the midterm) has focused on the prison boom, the strain it has put on correctional agencies, and the possibility of finding alternatives to the practice of “warehousing” prisoners. In this paper we ask you to consider the question of what (if anything) can and should be done to reform the current practices in the criminal justice system regarding sentencing practices and the rehabilitation programs offered to offenders inside and outside of prison. Since this is a very broad topic and you are writing a short paper (a maximum of five double- spaced pages), we ask that you choose a case study through which to address these issues. The case study should be a specific type of rehabilitation treatment, such as a program offered in prison or in the community, or a sentencing policy that attempts to divert people away from prison. To help you select your case study, we are providing you with short readings on three types of treatments: (1) sex offender management programs, (2) boot camps, and (3) drug courts. (You can find the readings for these topics on the Ctools website under Resources/Writing Assignments/Second Paper). You may either write about one of these programs as your case study or select a different type of treatment, but please note that if you decide to take the latter option you must obtain approval from your GSI in advance
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second+paper+assignment - Sociology 368 Criminology...

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