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Unformatted text preview: Rebecca Hill Anthropology 104-002 January 30, 2008 Week 2: Reading Summary In My Family and Other Saints Kirin Narayan tells the story of her unique childhood. She lives in India with her two brothers, and parents, Paw and Maw. Her father, who is Indian, went to America for his engineering degree. Although he was already engaged to a 14 year old girl in India, he met and married an American, Kirin’s mother. Paw was the first of his caste, the Gujar Stars, to travel to America. By marrying an American he married out of the “in-marriage marrying circle”, and Maw was not fully accepted into the caste until she had her second child, a boy, Rahoul, who would be able to carry on his grandfather, Sethji’s, lineage. The grandmother Ba, like everything that happens to her, claims this was a gift from the Gods. The caste worships many Gods, and the family becomes known for letting “urugs” or hippies seeking enlightenment, stay at their house. Maw loves the company. Paw has a drinking problem, and the family doesn’t stay at their house....
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