Week 9 reading summary - polytheistic view of religion...

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Becky Hill March 26, 2008 TA: Charitie Hyman WEEK 9 Reading Summary The Walleye War is about the Ojibwa Indians on the Lac du flambeau band by Lake Superior. After seven years of conflict over their spearfishing traditions of hinting, six of these Indian tribes came together to for the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Commission, this law was passed in 1983. The state tried to buy out the Ojibwa Indians and pay them $300 per fish that they speared, but they turned the offer down. The Indians feared that they would lose their historical culture, especially their language, which is really important for the history of their people. Hunting and fishing are very important symbols of ethnicity of the Ojibwa people, which is why they fought to keep their ways of spearfishing, The Indians of the Lac du Flambeau band speak Anishinaabemowin, which is taught in their schools and used to speak to elders, and also in their religion. The Ojibwa share a
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Unformatted text preview: polytheistic view of religion, meaning they worship many gods or spirits. Their main religious believe is the relationship between spirits and humans. They are also a patrilineal society, and extended family, sometimes up to second or third cousins, is very close. Like some other cultures, if the person is a far off relative in the kinship circle, they are allowed to marry. There are three key figures in Ojibwa life that the author talks about; the fur trade, the Midewiwin ceremonial complex, and Warfare. Although they don’t participate in intertribal warfare now, sending yound Indian men into the United States army is a way of keeping their culture. I thought it was interesting in the Introduction how the author used the term “peripheral peoples”, since we are learning that there aren’t better or worse people, just different cultures....
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Week 9 reading summary - polytheistic view of religion...

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