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Name: __________________________________Page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126, Exam 1 Tuesday, March 14, 2006 Welcome to the first hourly exam for Chemistry 125/126. This exam consists of 6 questions worth a total of 75 points plus a bonus question worth 3 points for a possible total of 78 points. It is 10 pages long; 8 pages of questions and periodic tables (page 10). A few notes about the exam. To receive credit, your answers must be placed in the indicated spaces or boxes. If calculations are required to obtain an answer, show your calculations; you will not receive credit for numerical answers alone . Do not write in any box marked “ For use by grader ”. The exam should take about l hour, however, you may use up to 1.5 hours to complete the exam. All exams must be turned in at 7:45 pm. If you have any questions during the exam, save them for Prof. Kerner. The GSIs have been told not to answer questions during the exam. Your graded exam will be available starting tomorrow as announced. If, after checking the exam key, you feel there was a mistake in grading, please turn your exam in to Prof. Kerner (mailbox 1500o chem.) with a statement describing the mistake. All regrades must be turned in by noon, Monday, March 27, 2006. Course Information Section GSI Section Section 111 M PM Kate Dooley 191 F PM Chris Avery 261 Th AM Tom Horvath 113 M PM Tengteng Peng 193 F PM Rodney Agayan 263 Th AM Laura Zimmerman 121 T AM Tom Horvath 195 F PM Jingjing Li 265 Th AM Shujiang Chen 123 T AM Jian Pei 197 F PM Maura Perry 267 Th AM Mark Roll 125 T AM Shujiang Cheng 199 F PM Neil Kamdar 269 Th AM Chris Avery 127 T AM Bo Wang 245 ThAM Cornelius Kristalyn 271 Th PM Qinyi Yan 131 T PM Cornelius Kristalyn 251 W PM Bo Wang 275 Th PM Robert McCanne 133 T PM Robert McCanne 253 Rodney Agayan 277 Th PM Andrew Higgs 135 T PM Qinyi Yan 255 Akash Bhattacharya 279 Th PM Jingjing Li 137 T PM Jian Pei 257 Maura Perry 281 F AM Mark Roll 143 F PM Akash Bhattacharya 259 WPM Kate Dooley 283 285 F AM F AM Tengteng Peng Neil Kamdar For use by grader Page Points Score Name: 2 10 3 GSI: 4 15 5 07 Section: 6 7 13 e-mail: 8 +(Bonus) 10 (+03) Total 75 (+03)
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Name: __________________________________Page 2/10 Question 1 (10 points) deals with your preparation of solutions of nickel chloride and rhodium sulfate.
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Exam1W06 - Name: _Page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126, Exam 1...

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