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AutoRecovery save of Football playoff system-1 - Reaction...

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Reaction Paper 1 NCAA Playoff System Amanda Hammons The University of Georgia KINS 3560 WON February 12, 2008
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NCAA FOOTBALL PLAYOFF SYSTEM December Madness and Mythical National Championship are some of the nicknames attributed to the current post season system for Division 1-A NCAA Football. The Bowl Championship Series, BCS, is a selection system designed to establish a national champion among the top-ranking teams in Division 1-A college football. Since the NCAA does not formally declare a champion, the BCS relies on a combination of polls and computer selection methods to determine relative team rankings, eventually resulting in a crowned national champion. The BCS was first used in the 1998 season, after a series of unsuccessful systems such as the Bowl Coalition and the Bowl Alliance. As a third attempt to restructure, the Bowl Alliance was reconfigured into the infamous Bowl Championship Series. While at the time we all thought it was a solid solution, recent years and especially the 2007-2008 season, have proven otherwise. There is an unyielding need for change, but what kind of change? Fans, coaches, and analysts have been circling around a 16-team playoff system. They all want the equality that the college basketball tournament has to offer. Supporters of the BCS system have put up some very good points, but nothing that cannot be argued with a little history and rationalization. The arguments favoring the BCS system seemed to provide a barrier to any criticism, until now. (Mention: a 16-team playoff would closely resemble the NCAA Basketball Tournament) When it comes to rallying for a playoff system comparable to the college basketball tournament, BCS supporters argue that the basketball tournament allows for automatic bids to every conference because they have 65 teams. However, there are about 330 Division I basketball teams. That means 19.6 percent of the teams make the tournament. In college football, there are 119 Division I-A teams, meaning 13.4 percent make the new tournament. Here is the outline of what the change could look like: A 16-team tournament with a
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AutoRecovery save of Football playoff system-1 - Reaction...

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