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Simon Ermakov 18078447 GSI: Andrew Roddick For many years, the human race has viewed primates as evolutionary brothers and has devoted a great deal of time to their study. By observing the characteristics and behavior of certain species, we have learned much about our history and our position in the natural world. The apparent similarities observed between apes and humans have shined a light upon the mystery of our prehistoric ancestors and helped us construct a model for our evolution. Also, because of these similarities, apes pose as excellent candidates for research experiments in medicine, biotechnology, and many other areas of science. Thanks to the enormous contributions of primates, these areas have seen much progress over the years. Human-primate interactions, however, are not always innocent and just. In Planet of the Apes , Pierre Boulle exposes the cruel nature of such interactions by looking at an extreme case where our places in society have been reversed. The novel takes place in the distant future when humans discover the secrets of space travel and begin to explore the universe. The focus is on a group of three adventurers that embark on a journey through space to a remote galaxy. In the center of the galaxy they discover a planet that greatly resembles the Earth. Upon landing they confirm that the planets are virtually identical except for one major anomaly. On Soror it is apes that drive cars, live in houses, and otherwise go about their “normal” lives. Apes have the position of the most intellectually advanced species in the society and humans have degenerated into mindless savages. Ulysse, the main character, and his companions are hunted by gorillas and he is ultimately captured. The other two astronauts become lost in during the pursuit, and Ulysse soon receives word of their demise. After being
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captured, Ulysse finds himself in a room full of cages occupied by other humans from Soror. From the various tests that he is subjected to by chimpanzees, he concludes that the place of his imprisonment is a sort of research institute. The apes quickly take note of the fact that Ulysse is intellectually superior to all of the other tests subjects and begin to pay more attention to him. Over the course of several weeks, he befriends a scientist named Zira and with her help learns to communicate with the apes. He learns that on Soror, chimpanzees represent the scientific community while orangutans are responsible for secretarial duties, and gorillas hold the positions of highest power. He also finds out that at the institute where he is held captive, humans play the role of test subjects in various medical experiments ran by chimps. With Zira and her fiancée’s help, Ulysse is granted permission to speak before the apes and tell them of his origin and how he came to their planet. The apes are deeply moved by his story and grant him freedom. In liberty, Ulysse acquires some forbidden knowledge and is forced to flee the planet and return
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Anthro research paper - Simon Ermakov 18078447 GSI Andrew...

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