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Simon Ermakov 18078447 Volunteer/ Research opportunities “Pacific Free Clinic” This is a clinic located in San Jose and ran by volunteers that provide free medical services to the needy. Since the funding is provided by sponsors and donations, the quality of care isn’t of as high a quality as would be found in a government sponsored clinic, but this place is great for those seeking hands on experience in medicine. I would be interested in volunteering there because give their volunteers much more freedom and allow for hands on experience. The hours are very flexible and the atmosphere seems to be very friendly and welcoming. In order to volunteer there you must be either an MD or an undergraduate or medical student. “Kaiser Permanente Hospital Volunteering” This program allows for undergraduate students and people interested in aiding the community to become involved in healthcare. Responsibilities of the volunteers include clerical work such as organizing papers, working information desks, etc. and hands-on clinical aid such as moving patients
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