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Simon Ermakov 18078447 Maxwell Medical Specialties When I first decided that I want to become a doctor I had no idea that medicine was so specialized. I thought that doctors have to know everything there is about medicine and be able to cure every single disease. As I grew older and learned more about this profession I came to realize that medicine is a very specialized area of expertise and that I would have to choose what to specialize in if I was to pursue it. I, at first, had the notion of becoming a surgeon as many young kids interested in medicine envision themselves becoming. The whole blood and gore aspect of it greatly appealed to me. However, recently, after my mom completed a year of residency in general surgery and told me all about the hardships she had to face, I am thinking that that may not be the road I would want to take. After being disheartened by surgery, I researched other specialties that were appealing to me. I took into account all of my interests and found that family practice would probably be the best option. Family practice is great in that it
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PreMed3 - Simon Ermakov 18078447 Maxwell Medical...

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