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December 18 - o Make information familiar o Form bizarre...

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Chapter 9 Memory Recognition memory : Identifies correctly previously learned material - usually superior to recall Distracters : false items included with a correct item Wrong choices on multiple choice tests Nonsense Syllables : meaningless three-letter words that test learning and forgetting Curve of Forgetting : Graph that shows the amount of memorized info remembered after varying lengths of time Encoding Failure : when a memory was never formed iin the first place Mnemonics Memory Tricks - Any kind of memory system or aid o Mental pictures o Make tings meaningful
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Unformatted text preview: o Make information familiar o Form bizarre unusual or exaggerated mental associations-Keyword method : memory aid; using a familiar word or image to link two items. Ways to improve memory-spaced Practice : alternating study sessions with brief rest periods-Massed Practice : studying for long periods without rest periods-Lack of sleep decreases retention; sleep aids consolidation-Hunger decreases retention-Cognitive interview : technique used to improve memories of eyewitnesses...
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  • Fall '08
  • Allen-Harris
  • meaningless three-letter words, Memory Recognition memory, place Mnemonics Memory, brief rest periods, time Encoding Failure

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