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December 6 - Long Term Memory LTM Storing info relatively...

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Short term memory Holds small amounts of info briefly Working memory another name for STM like a mental scratchpad Selective attention : focusing on a selected portion of sensory input Phonetically : store info by sound; how most things are stored in STM by sound Concepts Digit Span : test of attention and short term memory; string of number recalled forward or backward Part of intelligence tests Magic Number 7 plus of minus 2 : STM is limited to holding seven plus or minus 2, information bits at once Information Bits : meaningful units of info Recoding : reorganizing or modifying info in STM Information bits: meaningful units of information, numbers letters and words. Information chunks: Info bits that are grouped into larger chunks Maintenance rehearsal : repeating info silently to prolong its presence in STM Elaborative Rehearsal : links new info with existing memories and knowledge in LTM Good way to transfer STM info into LTM
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Unformatted text preview: Long Term Memory LTM Storing info relatively permanently Stored on basis of meaning and importance Long Term Memory concepts Constructive processing : re-organizing or updating long term memories on basis of logic, reasoning, or adding new info. Pseudo Memory : false memories that a person believes are true or accurate Memory structure : pattern of associations among bits of info Network Model : memory mode that views it as an organizational system of linked info. Types of long term memories Procedural : long term memories of conditioned responses and learned skills Declarative : LTM section that contains factual info Semantic Memory : impersonal facts and everyday knowledge- Subset of declarative memory Episodic : personal experiences linked with specific times and places- Subset of declarative memory...
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