Byzantium - v Basil II – early 11 th c(976 – 1025 C.E 1...

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I. Byzantium a. Origins i. Modern-day Istanbul ii. Strategic location b. Politics i. Differences between Byzantium administrator’s and Caesars’ ii. Byzantine officials had a mix of political and religious authority 1. Power of Caesar and the Pope iii. Complete judicial and military power invested in Byzantine emperor iv. Justinian – 6 th c. 1. Known as “the Sleepless Emperor" 2. Theodora – Justinian’s wife a. Second in charge b. Advisor to the Emperor 3. Humble origins 4. Hagia Sophia a. Largest church in the world at the time 5. Recreate the Roman Empire a. Codification of Roman Law b. Belisarius i. Justinian’s general ii. Reclaims some land from Germanic tribes in
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old Roman Empire c. Make Byzantine/Constantinople into “Second Rome” d. Land conquests don’t last long
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Unformatted text preview: v. Basil II – early 11 th c. (976 – 1025 C.E.) 1. “The Bulgar Slayer” a. Destroyed the Bulgarians around 1014 C.E. b. Blinds 14,000 Bulgarians before returning them to their hometowns vi. 1054 C.E. – Eastern and Western Christianity split vii. Classical heritage 1. Orthodox Christianity a. Greeks – strongest influence i. Education – state-supported b. Missionaries i. Spread Christianity ii. Spread secular thought c. Cyrillic alphabet d. Prince Vladimir Kiev i. Kiev adopts Christianity and brings it to the center of Russian power e. Ivan III – 16 th c. i. Lays foundations for Russian Empire and moves capital to Moscow...
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Byzantium - v Basil II – early 11 th c(976 – 1025 C.E 1...

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