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Bond Energy - c The colliding molecules must have the right...

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I. Bond Energy a. The amount of energy required to break a covalent bond and form separate atoms i. Br-Br + bond energy Br + Br b. The amount of energy released when two atoms combine to form a covalent bond c. See table 4.2 (p. 182) II. The Reaction Process a. Molecules must collide i. This is why most reactions occur in the gas phase or in solution b. The collisions must have enough energy to break the bonds
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Unformatted text preview: c. The colliding molecules must have the right orientation (spatial arrangement) III. Hydrocarbons a. Organic compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms b. Alkanes i. Only carbon-carbon single bonds ii. End in –ane iii. C n H 2n+2 c. CH 4 – methane d. C 2 H 6 – ethane e. C 3 H 8 – propane f. C 4 H 10 – butane...
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