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Essay 1 - Society gives youth the idea that success is only...

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Ian Houser English 1010-09 Why are you in college? To earn a degree To receive an education Social and familial expectations “Cash and carry careers” What are your plans for a career after college? Find something that I both enjoy and can earn a living from The idea is that by attending college, you are unlocking the doors of opportunity that you might not have otherwise Schooling is not for losers; however it’s not for everybody. There once was a time where only a lucky few had the privilege to attain a higher education. These days, it seems almost every carries a degree for something, regardless of if (or even how) they use it.
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Unformatted text preview: Society gives youth the idea that success is only attainable with a higher degree, and to some extent this may be true. However, for a society to properly function, not everyone needs a higher education or a specialized degree. First, there’s the overabundance of specialized education. As stated by Caroline Bird in paragraph 14 of her article states, “If all those who check ‘doctor’ as their career goal succeed in getting their MDs, we’ll immediately have ten times the target ratio of doctors for the population of the United States.”...
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