Atlantic Slave Trade

Atlantic Slave Trade - 4. Arrested by King Pedro IV a....

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I. Sub-Saharan Africa a. West Africa i. Ghana 1. 5 th c. – 8 th c. ii. Mali 1. 13 th c. – 15 th c. 2. Trade a. Gold, ivory, textiles, metals, slaves b. East Africa i. Swahili city-states 1. Trade a. Arab merchants c. i. Congo River Basin 1. Kongo a. Arrival of Portuguese b. Conversion of kings to Catholicism c. King Alfonso I 2. Ndongo 3. Luba 4. Lunda ii. Angola 1. Queen Nzinga 1620s – 1660s d. South Africa i. Great Zimbabwe 1. Structure 2. Kingdom ii. Dutch influence 1. Cape Town – 1650s a. Timbuktu
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i. Islamic University ii. Sharia 1. 1600s – 1800s 2. Fulani b. Antonian Movement i. Dona Beatriz 1. African priestess 2. Communicates with Catholic saints 3. Promotes Africanized Christianity a. Jesus was black b. Congo was holy land c. Heaven is for Africans
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Arrested by King Pedro IV a. False prophet b. Burned at the stake III. Atlantic Slave Trade a. Life in Africa pre slave trade b. How slave trade affects life i. Gender gap ii. Angola 1. Women comprise 2/3rds of population c. Arab slave trade 8 th c. i. 10 million ii. Shipped to Mediterranean d. European slave trade 15 th c. i. Triangular trade 1. Europe Africa North America ii. Middle Passage 1. 50% mortality rate a. Declines as value of slaves increases e. Impact on Western colonies i. Spanish ii. Portuguese 1. Brazilian sugar cane production iii. British 1. Southern agricultural colonies iv. French v. Dutch...
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Atlantic Slave Trade - 4. Arrested by King Pedro IV a....

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