Lighting & Sound - iii. Template gobo 1. Allows a...

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I. Evolution of theater lighting a. Greek, Roman Theater i. Performed outdoors ii. Lit by sun b. Italian Theater i. Productions moved in-doors II. Stages in lighting evolution a. Pine Torch i. Tallow candles housed in a glass bottle with colored fluid ii. Snuff boy that snuffed the candles for blackout, and relight for lights up b. Gas i. Gas table in back of theater with pilot lights and metal cage for safety ii. Piped the light throughout the theater iii. Valves controlled the release of gas allowing for dimming iv. Piped into glass housing with silk cloth in front of it v. Dimming board c. Fresnel i. Used in theaters ii. Provides a softedged beam d. Ellipsoidal i. Hard edged light 1. i.e. Spotlight ii. Leko, type of ellipsoidal named after the inventor e. Striplight i. Commonly used in elementary school productions. ii. Light bar across the top of the stage
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Template gobo 1. Allows a stencil to be placed in front of the light source f. Stanley McCandless i. Invented first system use of lights on stage ii. Two colours per section of stage; one warm and one cool g. Modern Dimmerboard i. Computerized ii. Preset light cues III. Process of the lighting designer a. Ensure stage is fully lit b. Focus the light to focus the attention where needed c. Mood and style d. Help to establish time and place e. Rhythm f. Reinforce the central image of the play g. Plot the cage above the stage from which the lights hang Sound I. Sound reproduction a. Sound effects II. Sound reinforcement a. Microphones i. Boom mic ii. Body mic 1. Wireless, attached to body...
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Lighting & Sound - iii. Template gobo 1. Allows a...

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