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I. Ottoman Empire a. Unrivaled on land and water i. Mehmed II 1. Warrior Sultan 2. Emperor of Europe and Asia ii. Suleyman the Magnificent 1. R. 1520 – 1566 2. Growth of navy a. Mediterranean Sea b. Black Sea c. Indian Ocean d. Red Sea II. Safavid Empire a. Safi al Din 1252 – 1334 i. Islamic holy-man ii. Leader of Sufi religious order
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Mystical, spiritual approach to religion iii. Twelver Shiism 1. 12 infallible Imams a. Hidden Imam b. 9 th century c. Still alive d. Destined to return 2. Shah Ismail a. R. 1501 – 1524 b. Hidden Imam? c. Incarnation of Muhammad? 3. Shah Abbas the Great a. R. 1588 - 1629...
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