Essay 3 - Ian Houser English 1010-09 Essay 3 Topic We have...

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Ian Houser English 1010-09 Essay 3 Topic We have seen in recent decades a rise in the global use of marijuana. It is now estimated that some 65 million Americans have tried marijuana in the course of their young adulthood (Sidney 585). From the earliest documented uses, reports have been made citing serious ramifications to the health of the user. With the stigma of other drugs attached, society has been quick to accept even the most outlandish proposals. It seems no scare tactic has been left unused in the war to demonize marijuana. In the course of its examination, claims have been made of it causing serious memory impairment or even sterility (Hager). Without proper scientific study however, it becomes difficult to discern between the fictionalized reefer madness and the actual health implications a regular user might face. The current laws in place regulating the possession and use of the drug only compound this lack of evidence. With new research methods, a better understanding of the human mind, and a simple scientific approach, the medical community is simultaneously debunking the old myths while replacing them with potentially grounded claims. Purpose The purpose of this research paper is to distinguish fact from fiction. The American youth are predisposed to a certain perception of cannabis due to the (arguably necessary) war on drugs. With my paper, I seek to debunk some of the misnomers dispersed by this campaign and others while examining new evidence in regards to the
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long-term effects on a users health. Aside from the obvious health implications of smoking (Tetrault), there are more subtle dangers that users may be exposing themselves too such as a predisposition to schizophrenia and other psychosis related ailments (Hall 1416). The paper is going to use the Rogerian model, as I believe that a full understanding of the implications is necessary before any reforms to law or social stigmata can be made. Many of my peers and those whom I approached about this paper immediately assumed I’m taking the ‘It’s just a plant, make it legal’ side. This isn’t the
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Essay 3 - Ian Houser English 1010-09 Essay 3 Topic We have...

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