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Essay 1 - Stereotypes - Composition 1 1010-09 Essay 1 As...

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Composition 1 – 1010-09 Essay 1 As many of our ancestors arrived to our nations shores over the last two centuries, they were greeted by a modern colossus. Her edict; “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Unlike any country that has come before, America is not identified by one national origin, rather an amalgamation of many. It is, however, human tendency to be classified into groups. Whether beneficial or not, we have always maintained a system of distinguishing “us” from “them.” As the world grows progressively smaller, these stereotypes are being brought to light and exposed for their fraudulent mantras. As globalization takes root, we find it increasingly difficult to separate ourselves from world affairs. The mythical lands of yore are no longer distant and mysterious. With what is referred to as “the browning of America,” many people find it increasingly necessary to distinguish themselves and their heritage. The resulting stereotype is one based on both pride and prejudice. While brimming with distinction and honor, it serves to label those who don’t meet the criteria as being of less desirable origins. Southern pride once stood for the old ways of chivalry and compassion but is now used as a means of hate and bigotry. These stereotypes are not limited only to Southern pride as Brent Staples exemplifies in his essay. Nervousness is a natural part of being on the streets alone at night “and as an adult on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, he continues he
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Essay 1 - Stereotypes - Composition 1 1010-09 Essay 1 As...

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