Essay 1 (1st Draft)

Essay 1 (1st Draft) - ENGL1010-09 Essay 1 It's seems in...

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ENGL1010-09 Essay 1 It’s seems in today’s world that the natural progression after high school is to continue on to college. Not all, but a large percent of those who make it through high school will eventually attend an institution of higher learning. There are many reasons people make this decision; some of them good, and some of them bad. The universities of the world have produced many brilliant minds, but a degree isn’t necessarily a requisite for success. That is why college just isn’t right for everybody. It may seem callous to say that there are people who would be better off entering the market directly after high school, but for many people it would be a much more rewarding decision then to pursue a continued education. There are many reasons a student may attend college. I personally believe that I have made the right decisions in choosing to pursue my educational potential and I, along with most of my peers, feel confident in the reasoning behind these decisions. Not only do I strive to understand the complexities of the world, for me, college is a personal challenge. Facing a problem I once thought unsolvable and learning to approach it logically. Such skills have tremendous application in the real world whether we know it at this stage in life or not. Going to college also seems to better your chances of attaining success. For me, I’m not just out for success. I honestly would think of my college career as wasted if I landed in one of the “cash and carry careers” that Barber believes most students seek to attain. For me, financial success isn’t the only goal. I want to have the freedom and choice after college to not only have a profitable job, but also one that I will
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Essay 1 (1st Draft) - ENGL1010-09 Essay 1 It's seems in...

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