French & Indian War

French & Indian War - g. Incompetent British leadership...

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I. Spanish control of Philippines a. Conversion of Pilipinos to Catholicism i. Obey the Church ii. Obey the King II. Dutch a. Batavia established in 1619 b. Beginning of the Dutch East-Indies c. Concerned more with trade than population control a. b. Seven Years War 1756 – 1763 C.E. c. First global war d. England, Prussia v. France e. Late 1600’s, wars for dynastic succession begin in Europe f. Washington and troops hope to control Ohio River Valley (the “middle ground”) – 1754 i. French and Indian forces repel Washington’s troops ii. British redcoats ally with Washington iii. Leads to formal declaration of war between English and French
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Unformatted text preview: g. Incompetent British leadership h. William Pitt i. Leads the war effort 1757 1758 ii. Sees forces are spread too thin 1. Concentrate on North America a. New France, Quebec iii. Subsidize Frances European allies 1. Prussia iv. Blockade French coast 1. Prevents the dispersion of troops and supplies v. Reimburse British colonies with gold for their efforts 1. Renews interest in war vi. Changes military field commander in North America 1. Promotes Wolf to commanding field officer i. Wolf captures Quebec in 1759 j. Treaty of Paris ends conflict i. French removed from North America ii. French Canada comes under British control k. Second Treaty of Paris 1783...
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French & Indian War - g. Incompetent British leadership...

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