Early Chinese Dynastys

Early Chinese Dynastys - 3. Eventual collapse of Zhou...

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East Asia I. Political organization in early China II. Neolithic villages a. Emerged along Yellow River b. Xia dynasty i. 2,200 B.C.E. ii. First Chinese dynasty c. Shang dynasty i. 1,766 – 1,122 B.C.E. ii. Bronze metallurgy d. Zhou dynasty i. 1,122 – 256 B.C.E. ii. “Mandate of Heaven” 1. Notion that Chinese emperors are mandated their power from heaven 2. The emperors are the connection between heaven and earth 3. Does NOT make the emperors divine 4. Emperors are to hold high standards, honor, and justice iii. Iron metallurgy iv. “Period of the warring states” 1. Last two centuries of the Zhou dynasty 2. On and off constant state of war
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Eventual collapse of Zhou dynasty III. Society & Family a. Xia Dynasty i. Royal family holds the top position in society b. Shang and Zhou Dynasties i. Social hierarchy 1. Powerful aristocratic families 2. Craftsmen merchants 3. Peasants 4. Slaves ii. Extended family iii. Veneration of ancestors iv. Father performs the rites to honor the family 1. Plays the role of the priest due to the lack of organized religion v. Strong patriarchal system IV. Early Chinese writing a. Secular society b. 100,000s of Shang Dynasty Oracle bones i. Divination ii....
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Early Chinese Dynastys - 3. Eventual collapse of Zhou...

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