Empires of Persia

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Empires of Persia I. Achaemendis – 558 – 330 B.C.E. a. Medes – Persians b. Clans c. Cyrus – first leader i. Reigned from 558 – 530 B.C.E. ii. Succeeded by his son Cambyses – reigned from 530 – 522 B.C.E. iii. Succeeded by Darius – reigned from 521 – 486 B.C.E. II. Administering a large empire a. Communication i. The Persian Empire spanned from Egypt to India ii. Developed road system – the Royal Road 1. Over 1,600 miles long 2. From Aegean port of Ephesus to Sardis in Anatolia 3. Allowed for a postal system a. Approximately 110 postal stations along the road b. i. Satrapies ruled by governors (approx. 30)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Allows local & imperial needs to be met a. I.e. the State and Federal laws in the United States c. Persepolis i. The formation of a new capital ii. Impressive, grand scale iii. Lavish iv. Intended to impress and humble those visiting d. Military force i. Each satraps has contingency of military officers and tax collectors ii. Imperial spies 1. Represented the federal government maintaining checks on the management of the provinces e. Silver i. Use of currency as a means of paying taxes ii. Standardized form of payment f. Codification of Law i....
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