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I. Athens a. Philosophy i. 6 th c. B.C.E. ii. Ionia 1. West-coast region of Turkey 2. Part of Persian Empire 3. First rational Philosophers 4. All things emerged from an “original substance” iii. Pythagoras 1. Speculative philosophy 2. Cosmologist philosophy a. Universe contains an inherent mathematical order b. Truth could lead to abstract thought; thus establishing formal logic (in conflict with “original
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Unformatted text preview: substance” theory) c. Atoms bouncing in a void (the atomic theory of nature) 3. Sophists a. It’s useless to speculate about the unknown b. Seek a rational investigation into humanity, society c. Apply this to human affairs; undermines Athenian society d. Socrates i. Moral and ethical truths ii. Dialectics iii. Quit asking questions (ie Why?) iv....
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