Punic Wars - 1. Christianity d. Pax Romana e. Silk Roads i....

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I. Punic Wars a. Roman shifts from Republic to an Empire i. Why is the republic falling into chaos, turmoil, and civil war? ii. Rise of the Latifundia iii. Role of reformers such as the Gracchai brothers iv. Political generals; Marius, Sulla, Julius Caesar v. Imperial stage born with Octavian (rise of Augustus) b. Economic aspects of the expanding society c. Cosmopolitan nature of this empire and it’s influences i. Rise of mystery religions
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Christianity d. Pax Romana e. Silk Roads i. Goods/Commerce ii. Religion (i.e. Buddhism) iii. Diseases iv. Han Dynasty II. Han Dynasty & Roman Empire a. Why was it great? b. Why did it flourish? c. Why was it falling apart by the third century? d. Causes of the first decline of the Roman Empire e. Cause of the official collapse in 476 C.E. f. Barracks Emperors...
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